Prosperity Spells: How To Do It Right

Everybody could use a little extra spending money now and then, but for those savvy Witches that want practice successful money magic, there are a few guidelines. To begin with, you really should make sure you know what to expect. You aren’t going to just get a thousand dollars in the mail after a day or two. Prosperity magic is a tricky thing and there are some rules you need to follow:

  1. I said it a second ago and I’ll say it again, you need to understand that a prosperity spell – any kind of spell really – will take a little while and a lot of focus. Unless you happen to be a gifted psychic, you’re likely a lot like the rest of us, meaning that since you aren’t skilled enough to cause life-changing lottery-proportion events within a few weeks, you have no reason to expect them. Be realistic about what you expect.
  2. Never ever, ever, ever take from someone else. Don’t take a job from someone or compel the people you know to give you money against their will. Respect free will, harm none.
  3. Understand that your mental state is much more important than details like the moon phase  or what herbs you use. These add power and focus to your intentions, but if you are coming from a place of fear you are only perpetuating your reason for fear.
  4. It’s not enough to just cast a spell. As with any kind of magic, to achieve prosperity, you must take action toward your goal. If you need extra cash, start looking for a job. Chances are the spell will help you find a good fit and pave your way to employment. If you don’t put out any effort, your spell can’t give you the extra boost that an organized, proactive effort might use to great advantage.
So yeah, magic isn’t the answer to getting quick cash, but that’s not what being Wiccan is about. There are rules that you can choose to abide by. If you don’t…. well, I’ll say “I told you so” in advance. Karma makes no exceptions.

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